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Is the credit redemption really a scam or not? | Loan consolidation


With interest rates at an extremely low level, households tend to become bogged down more easily in financial difficulties. So why?

It is the credit buy-back market that is experiencing a steady increase in loan consolidation operations. The offers for this purpose are more and more numerous to be distributed to consumers, and this to the point of putting customers in an embarrassment of choice.

Proposals for restructuring and renegotiation of interest rates in quantity, how to recognize the deceptive offer to the serious offer?

Grouping Loans: Make the wrong choice!

Grouping Loans: Make the wrong choice!

Credit redemption sites keep seeing their numbers increase on the web to such an extent that it has become difficult to make a choice!

The existence of rumors about scams only makes this task more difficult. Yes, not all web pages on the net are trustworthy for users.

How then to know those who really offer solutions that respond safely to the expectations of borrowers?

To answer this question, it is better to know the characteristics of malicious sites!

Dishonest loan consolidation sites often tend to put forward arguments that are too good to be true. Most of them put forward an interest rate expressed in nominal (TN) and in aggregate (TEG) interest rates on shorter repayment terms that appear lower in order to deceive the subscriber (s).

The process is extremely simple, it is often enough to fill out a contact form detailing the state of your financial situation (number of outstanding debt, income, etc.), and your contact details to think to get a simulation, while ‘In reality follows a telephone harassment by incessant calls from debt repurchase broker who will have obtained your contact details through the credit redemption comparator site .

Also avoid reliance on brokers who require the submission of the necessary documents for the study without first having sent the applicant a quantified proposal by mail or courier services.

Financial restructuring: make the right choice!

Financial restructuring: make the right choice!

In order to make the right choice, you must first analyze the website of a pooled credit professional!

Define then, if the information disseminated on its Internet pages make sense. It is rather reassuring to know that the provider broadcasts daily a quantity of quality information about the nature, and operation of a transaction repurchase credit.

Only a direct contact with one of the brokerage’s financial advisors makes it possible to decide if the broker is a real professional who will be able to defend your financial interests with the biggest banks of the loan renegotiation market.

Credit redemption: the right moment?

In order to allow you to make the right choice, it is very simple, it is necessary to advance throughout its approach with methodology! First of all, we must ask ourselves the question ” Is this the right moment for credit redemption? “

That is, it is necessary to make the decision early in order to avoid over-indebtedness or to miss the Martin Guerrement new projects to come.

Indeed, if your financial situation is too degraded and out of line with the criteria of admissibility of banks, then it is rather a matter of depositing a file Francia bank.

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