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1000 loan – payday reviews and review

Loan costs in CreditHunt

Loan costs in CreditHunt


Credithunt is an institution operating in the non-banking sector. Specializes in providing short-term loans on very favorable terms. The whole process of applying for payday pay is very simple and does not take too much time. What’s more, the amount we need can be flexibly matched to our financial capabilities. That is why it is worth considering using this type of financial support.

Individual approach to clients in CreditHunt

Individual approach to clients in CreditHunt

Credithunt belongs to the international financial institution POLI Invest sp. Z o.o. It has been operating in the loan industry since 2009. The main goal is to build lasting relationships with the client. They are to be based on cooperation based on an individual approach to his needs. This is very important when it comes to financial operations, even when it comes to relatively small amounts.

POLI Invest sp. Z o. O. Uses modern technologies. This is demonstrated by the use of SMS and email messengers in the process of granting non-bank loans. It is worth mentioning because it responds to the needs of modern borrowers in this way. They can get the resources they need without visiting the financial institution. The whole process takes place on the Internet, so that the customer does not have to worry about formalities. They are limited to a minimum, which is a big advantage of this offer.

Available loan amounts in loan 1000

Available loan amounts in loan 1000

As for the offer proposed by Credithunt, you can get a very favorable amount within it. Importantly, the first time we can count on even 1000 PLN for a very good period. It lasts up to 120 days. It is worth bearing this in mind, because few loan companies offer so much time to pay back their liabilities. It should be mentioned that the minimum loan amount is PLN 500. It will definitely allow you to pay small expenses that many of us have to deal with. Importantly, repayment of such an amount does not have to be problematic. Everything in this case depends on whether we act wisely and diligently we will give the whole amount together with additional costs.

More loans

Customers who decide to use the services of this company again can get even greater sums. We are talking here about amounts of up to PLN 3,000. Also in this case it is possible to borrow money for 120 days. This period will certainly allow you to prepare the payday payback with additional fees.

1000 loan – benefits for the customer

1000 loan - benefits for the customer

Using Credithunt services has many advantages. Undoubtedly, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of flexible selection of the amount. It will be a very good solution for many customers who want to precisely match the loan amount to their specific needs. We can be sure that the precise amount will not exceed our financial capabilities.

The repayment period is also very important. There is a fairly standard option, i.e. giving the sum over 30 days. Not all loan companies offer repayment options in a different time frame. In contrast, Credithunt also grants loans for a period of 60, 90 and even 120 days. Thanks to this, the future borrower is able to adjust the period to his specific needs.

1000 loan – requirements

1000 loan - requirements

As with applying for a loan at other companies, Credithunt customer must meet several requirements. Must have Polish citizenship as well as a PESEL number and ID card. Moreover, it should be a person who is at least 18 years old and under 70 years of age. In addition, the applicant should be an employed natural person, which will enable him to apply.

Great emphasis is placed on the financial situation of the future borrower. He should be a person who does not appear in the KRD and BIK databases. Attention is also paid to previously paid loans. If it was conscientious and the financial history is favorable, the chances of getting payday pay are better. It is very important that Credithunt does not close to the needs of customers who have previously used the services of other non-banking institutions. Only reliable fulfillment of such obligations is required. This is a very important feature to keep in mind when looking for a lender.

If we meet the above conditions, we should not have a problem getting the money we need. It is important that the amount is matched to our financial capabilities. This is a detail that some borrowers forget. It may have a significant meaning, so you should carefully read the information that Credithunt places on its website.

Loan 1000 – application process for a loan

Loan 1000 - <a href=application process for a loan” />

When we are able to meet the above-mentioned requirements, we can apply for payday pay. All necessary information can be found on the website of Credithunt. This is where we begin the application process. Our first step should be registration in the customer base. It is not a long and complicated process. It involves the need to pay a registration fee, the amount of which is only symbolic PLN.

Once this happens, we can log in to the user zone. We do this through the customer’s identification data and password. Then we should familiarize with the content of the so-called “Loan basket”. This collection contains favorable offers of payday loans, which we can use. Once we have chosen the option that best suits us, we must confirm the conditions via a password. This is the final stage of applying for a loan.

LoanFest 1000 – receipt of the decision

As you can see it is not complicated. Once we have finished applying for the loan we need, we can wait for the decisions. We will receive it via SMS, which will be sent to the mobile phone number we provided in the application. We will be informed in the event of a positive response or in the event of a refusal. This is very important when it comes to building customer relationships. If we accept our application, the money should appear quickly on our account. Then we can manage the funds obtained in this way according to our needs.

1000 loan – advantages

  • 3 alternative ways to submit an application
  • Free first payday fee
  • Over 250 stationary branches
  • Individual approach to client
  • High age threshold – up to 80 years old

1000 loan – disadvantages

  • Not intuitive website
  • Short payday payback period
  • There are no fees listed on the website

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